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Customer Service

​I really enjoy and appreciate that KING offer flexible work arr...

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The commitment by King Living to flexibility allows me to perfo...

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HR Learning & Development

​Being a family business, KING do really understand the importan...

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Our Global Head Office is based in Sydney’s suburb Turrella just 20 minutes from the CBD.

Sustainability - Discover the King Difference

​King embeds sustainability into every process.

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Why more female designers will move the world of design forward

The legacy of women in design at KING is seen across the team of in-house designers and craftspeople who are experts in their trade. These women are passionate creative leaders contributing to the culture and success of KING every day.

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Family owned and operated; KING is now a global business with Showrooms in 7 countries.

Established in 1977, KING an iconic Australian furniture designer, manufacturer and retailer that prides itself on design, innovation and comfort.