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Flexible working, implemented the right way, will build capability necessary for the new world of work


We partner with organisations to co-create a considered and strategic approach, ensuring flexibility is implemented through a program that delivers measurable outcomes in terms of your bottom line, as well as the lived experience for your people.

We approach successful implementation of flexibility like any other strategic initiative. We break it down in 4 steps:

Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your organisations commitment to flexibility

Flexibility certification

The FlexReady Certification™ process is an audit of the lived experience of flexibility at your organisation, aligned to a pre-defined set of certification pillars.

A FlexReady Certified employer is one that has either been through the FlexReady change management program, or is able to satisfy certain requirements to become a Certified partner. Certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to providing flexible work arrangements and delivers improved talent retention and attraction.

Certification includes the following benefits:

  • An annual licence to use the FlexReady Certification™ badge on appropriate corporate properties, such as your careers website and Linkedin company profiles
  • Ongoing support from our team of FlexReady expert partners
  • Access to exclusive events for Certified employers – learn what the best are doing
  • Quantitative benchmarking the lived flexibility experience against similar employers
  • Conduct virtual workshops and coaching to empower leaders

Certification is awarded to organisations meeting the minimum criteria. There are different levels of maturity - we partner with you to achieve each milestone.

Build Back Better

Build Back Better is a concept borrowed from disaster recovery and reconstruction, introduced at the UN in 2006. The fundamental principle is that faced with recovery from major disruption you should not simply restore the past, but investigate, learn, adapt and Build Back Better to reduce vulnerability to future shocks, ensure organisational resilience and optimise the new models based on these learnings.

The extreme shift triggered by COVID-19 to 100% remote working has catalysed substantial and useful change in the way your organisation operates, how people work, as well as changed a lot of mindsets and expectations going forward.

Our process of building back better will define the change steps that will best support your people coming out of this crisis, and support the economic recovery of your organisation.

Our methodology:

  • Define custom guiding principles that will serve as guardrails
  • Design a framework that brings the plan together
  • Create a structured communications plan
  • Review and advise on your current plan
  • Conduct virtual workshops and coaching to empower leaders

Attract, engage and retain talent in the new world of work through a flexible work environment

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