Rochelle Clark

Digital and Automation consultant


Can you tell us about what your job entails?

My job involves assessing current business processes for the viability of automation - so changing something that may currently be a manual process into something our systems can do automatically, saving the business time and money.

What attracted you to your current job?
I worked in RACQ’s contact centre for nine years, and during that time I was always looking for ways to improve processes and reduce unnecessary admin time to allow staff to get back to our member calls faster. In this role, I had worked with the automation team as a business subject matter expert and saw the potential of automation. I have also always had passion for new and fun techy things. I wanted to move into a new area and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

This year’s IWD theme is equity, what does that mean to you?
For me fairness is about the right person being given the right opportunity, it shouldn’t matter who you are, you should get the opportunities you work hard for.

What career advice do you have for others?
If you have a passion for something, stand up and show people you have that passion and skills. Too often, we sit quietly, and watch others reach their goal. Be proud and back yourself.