Remuneration Supervisor

Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers

Bonnie - Remuneration Supervisor

What is a typical day for you?

A day can consist of system testing, finding solutions, creating reports, and supporting the team.

What opportunities have you taken in your time here?

I started off at CSBP as a fixed term Payroll Clerk. I later became a permanent Payroll Officer.

Earlier in my career, I was involved in implementing a new HR / Payroll system. My time in Finance provided me with an insight into the accounting side of payroll and how payroll impacted the business.

The payroll function transferred from the Finance team and joined the Human Resources team. A change of systems provided me with yet another opportunity to gain knowledge in HR and payroll software.

I still maintained a close relationship with the Finance team and their systems but now was gaining exposure in recruitment and employment contracts, salary review processes, and HR policy. During this time I transferred to part time employment to start my family. The HR team and business support throughout this period was amazing.

I was offered an opportunity to come back full-time on secondment as Human Resources Advisor. I will always be grateful to the CSBP management and HR team for providing me with this opportunity.

I then moved into the role of HR Coordinator in the HR Operations team where I worked closely with the CSBP business on recruitment, and also had the opportunity to learn new systems and be a part of a divisional HR team.

Today, I’m still apart of the HR department although I am now embedded in Remuneration and Benefits in the role of leading the payroll team and providing reporting support to the larger Human Resources department.

What benefits do you currently get in your role?

I’m in a great team where everyone is happy to share their knowledge and ideas. I go home most days having learnt something new or feeling that I have helped another.

Accepting the challenge of transitioning from Payroll Advisor to Human Resources Advisor and stepping out of my comfort zone, it was one of the most difficult and challenging times but also one of the most rewarding times and a period that I will always cherish.

What are the challenges you face in your role?

The challenges for this role are to try and be one step ahead of all the businesses, look for improvements that will add value to each business and to every employee.

On a personal level, as a parent, finding a balance between work and home can sometimes prove to be difficult. I have always found WesCEF and the team I work with to be accommodating and flexible towards my family needs.

How would you describe the support you get from your manager?

One of the reasons I was so excited about this role was because of my manager. Knowing his work background and depth of knowledge in Remuneration and Benefits, I decided this would be a great opportunity to learn from him and therefore expand my own knowledge in this area. So far, my expectations have not been let down.