The 48 Hour Rule

Vocus Group

There are lots of different tools we use internally, one of those is the 48 Hour Rule.

At Vocus, we work to get things done efficiently. We work collaboratively to get results for our customers every day. Empowerment, in our opinion, is paramount to the success of simply getting stuff done and being an awesome place to work.

We have a “48-hour rule”, which empowers team members to make a decision or change within their team without having to wait days/weeks for a response from their colleagues. We are all busy and have a long to do list, but if you have tabled your idea with your team and have considered all the possible outcomes as being beneficial to Vocus, then we encourage our team members to make a decision that “makes the boat go faster”!

It’s a pretty simple concept, but empowered decision making goes a long way.