Our experts will help you quickly transition to remote working

Each day, we’re seeing more employers all over the world asking their employees to work remotely. Due to the rapidly changing circumstances, these new policies have often been implemented quickly, with little time for training, leaving both employees and their managers working from home and physically separated from each other for the first time.

Over many years, we’ve been helping Australian & New Zealand businesses of all sizes transition to a remote working environment. We offer a number of customised sessions designed to support both your leaders and staff make the transition to remote working, whilst boosting their engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Support for Leaders

This session provides leaders with an understanding of the various factors that can make remote work especially demanding, along with advice on how to approach, implement and manage remote teams. The focus is on addressing three key areas:

  1. Managing for outcomes;
  2. Building trust amongst your teams; and
  3. Effective communication in a remote environment.

We also provide practical advice for leaders on how they can support their team’s productivity, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

Support for Staff

This session will prepare all your people on how to positively approach remote working. We help staff identify and consider their needs in managing a remote working environment, along with the needs of the business, manager, colleagues and other stakeholders. This session is designed to help individuals consider opportunities and potential pitfalls of remote work so they are able to design a plan that keeps them effective and engaged. We help people think of the best ways to:

  • Use their home space
  • Design their working schedule
  • Stay productive and effective
  • Manage the expectations of their manager and other stakeholders
  • Stay connected to their team, peers and colleagues

This is designed to ensure staff transitioning to remote work take accountability for ensuring it’s effective for them and the business.

Staff Wellbeing

Designed for every person in your organisation, this session is designed to support staff protect their mental and physical wellbeing in a remote workplace. Focus is on three key health areas:

  1. Physical health - maintaining personal health focusing on sleep, diet and exercise;
  2. Mental health - nurturing emotional wellbeing, self-compassion, empathy and self-care;
  3. Boundaries - the importance of setting healthy boundaries with managers, and colleagues to ensure work does not take over home life, and allowing employees to care for themselves and other family members who may be unwell.

More Information

We’re helping businesses adapt to this rapidly evolving situation with a focus on maintaining company culture, employee connection and providing “digital water cooler moments” in a new remote working environment. If you’re recently transitioned your staff to remote working, or you’re looking to roll this out in a sustainable, scalable and affordable manner, our experts are ready to help. Simply complete the form and we’ll get in touch.