Flexible jobs at

Rail Projects Victoria

Rail Projects Victoria

Harin Silva

Design Manager

Embracing his new workplace and the support it provides for him ...

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Craig Taylor

Assistant Director, Industry Engagement, Aboriginal Workforce and Enterprises

For Craig, the power that can come from giving a chance to someo...

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Hadeel Al-Hakeem

RPV Intern

What started as a 12-week internship has been extended twice, sh...

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Caitlin Sims

Managing Principal Lawyer

Passionate about mentoring junior female colleagues, Caitlin Sim...

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At RPV, we have a passionate and motivated workforce who are dedicated to producing high quality outcomes for Victoria.

Senior Advisor, Learning & Organisational Capacity

About RPV

RPV has assembled a skilled team of highly experienced professionals from across the public and private sectors to ensure the objectives of its projects are achieved for the Victorian community.

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During 2020 RPV offered 20 days of Special Leave for parents of children affected by school lockdowns

Learn how James utilised his 20 days of leave to transition to working from home with his kids.

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The benefits of working at RPV

Rail Projects Victoria has access to a wide variety of opportunities, with an extensive range of personal and professional development programs designed to develop our people and their careers.

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Flexibility at RPV allows Sam to balance working from home in a busy house of shift workers

Sam recognises that she is more productive first thing in the morning and that’s when she gets her best quality work done.

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Working at RPV has been a dream come true! It’s an incredibly rewarding place to work, with amazing and professional colleagues from all different backgrounds – it has really put me on the right track for my career!

Graduate, Wellbeing and Inclusion