Diversity & Inclusion at Metcash


At Metcash, we place great importance on our Diversity Policy, recognising the benefits to be gained from a workforce that brings together a range of skills, backgrounds and experiences.

Encouraging diversity within the Metcash Group will contribute to achieving our overall objectives by driving business results, encouraging greater innovation, enhancing our reputation and attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining a diverse team of high quality people.

At Metcash, we:

  • Continue to enhance Metcash’s inclusive culture by nurturing leadership and governance practices
  • Celebrate cultural diversity
  • Improve the proportion of women employed across all levels of the workforce
  • Effectively manage workplace flexibility
  • Support mature workers’ transition to retirement
  • Establish Indigenous internships and
  • Increase the representation of employees with a disability

Indigenous Internships

Metcash is proud to be partnered with Career Trackers, a national non-profit organisation that works with Indigenous university students to create career pathways through structured internship programs. We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and will continue partnering with Career Trackers to support their incredible work

Gender Diversity

At Metcash we are actively seeking to employ and promote women into leadership roles in our workplace. We believe gender diversity creates a more inclusive and equal work environment.

Disability Employment

We partner with Job Support who place and train people with a significant intellectual disability into Metcash. We value highly the contribution our employees from Job Support make to our business, some of whom have been with us for over 10 years.