The IAG Way


Our culture

At IAG our culture is how we come together to powerfully and consistently deliver our purpose and strategy. But culture’s a tricky thing to define, so to make it easier to understand, recognise and share, we have the ‘The IAG Way’.

The IAG Way illustrates how the critical parts of our culture come together to point the way to making the most of life at IAG.

Our purpose is to make your world a safer place

It’s why we exist and the value we bring to the world. It keeps us focused on delivering our strategy for our people, customers and communities.

Our mindset is ready for anything

It unifies us, defines us and shapes our approach to everything we do. At its core our mindset is our being prepared, connected, resilient and forward thinking.

Our IAG Values and Behaviours

Our values are the beliefs that we, as a company, stand for. They’re at the heart of what we do and guide our actions, decision-making and behaviours. Our behaviours are the measurable and observable expectations that we as individuals are accountable for demonstrating every day.

Our values, and the behaviours that support them, are set out below:

Honest & upfront

We believe in showing our cards, opening up, keeping it real and saying what needs to be said.

I say what needs to be said in the moment

I communicate openly and transparently

Easier together

We believe in joining forces, nurturing relationships, sharing perspectives and achieving more together.

I think about the impact of my actions on others

I share my ideas, and work with others to achieve incredible results

Act & own it

We believe in accountability, stepping up, taking responsibility and courageously keeping our promises.

I use my initiative and keep my promises

I use my best judgment to make informed decisions

Reimagine today

We believe in staying curious, seeing the needs of others, getting creative and building on what we find.

I recognise the needs of others and use creativity to make things better

I take pride in my wins, and own my mistakes

Treat everyone fairly

We believe in inclusion, removing barriers, striving for equity and embracing diversity.

I seek and appreciate views different to my own

I take a stand if I see unfair or inequitable treatment