Tammy Tomkins - CSO Relief


What is your current role at HCF and what do you like about it?

CSO Relief for the North NEW and QLD.

I enjoy working with all the Branch Staff & Managers at all the various locations that I work at giving me the opportunity to learn from all the experienced Mangers in my Region along with the support from my Regional Manager.

What has been your career pathway within HCF? 

I started my journey with HCF at the new Chermside Branch working 20 hours a week April 2019 as a CSO. In July 2020 I was given a 6month Secondment as CSO Relief an in February it was extended a further 12 months.

Can you let us know what you think about flexible working at HCF and how this has worked for you? 

Uncommon Care is not just for the HCF Members it also extends to the Staff, I like to think that HCF is like one big family.

I have of recent had a number of Doctor and Specialist appointment’s with an upcoming Hospital date, the support from the Branch Staff and my Regional Manager has been muchly appreciated.

How would you describe the culture within your team as well as within HCF?

HCF Staff from Branch to Head Office are an amazing group of people, friendly always supportive and always sharing their knowledge.

What’s the best thing about working at HCF?

The Members that we have walk into the Branches

Do you have any further career plans/aspirations within HCF?

My Career Plan is to continue to grow with HCF becoming a Branch Manager.