Tony Johnson

CEO and EY Oceania Regional Managing Partner

EY Australia

Welcome to the start of your exceptional EY experience.

At EY, we’re committed to building a better working world and diverse, inclusive teams are critical to this purpose. Different perspectives bring strength to teams, and the result is often true innovation.

Our global structure creates an environment that helps our clients meet the increasingly complex challenges they face. Our people work seamlessly across geographical boundaries and industry sectors because of the workplace we’ve created — a place where the great people who form our borderless teams can truly excel.

Flexibility at EY begins by challenging our assumptions about where, when and how work gets done. Flexibility helps us meet the diverse needs of our people, our teams and our clients, but it also means our people can get to those one-off events like studying for an exam, training for a sporting event or taking their children to the doctor. If people need to work flexibly over a longer term, we also offer a structured approach to help make this happen. For me, working flexibly means I’m at special family days like birthdays and school events.

We believe flexibility should be available to everyone. We promote flexibility through campaigns like ‘Flextober’ which encourage all of us at EY to try new ways of working - not just in the month of October, but all year round.

We also offer a range of flexible leave options, including:

Substituting a legislated public holiday with a day of cultural significance. For example substituting the Queen's birthday for Luna New Year.

Encouraging all our people to take parental leave. We don’t want anyone to miss the early years, so we provide support and guidance to new parents through mentoring, flexibility and an online digital platform.

Supporting our people who are impacted by Domestic Violence by providing 10 days of additional paid leave a year.

Giving our people the option of purchasing extra Annual Leave so they can take extended periods of leave to help manage whatever is happening in their lives.

We’re building a workplace that’s smarter, more inclusive, more dynamic and more flexible. We're embracing change and helping our clients create their workplace of the future.

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