Women In Transactions

EY Australia

These stories are about being more successful in business, important career lessons, delivering purpose and how diversity can have a real impact.

At a time when innovation is accelerating the speed of change, we need to ensure diverse capabilities and thought are helping to address today’s toughest business questions. That is the only way to arrive at better answers.

– Julie Hood, EY Global Deputy Vice Chair – Strategy and Transactions

Isabelle Duggan EY

Isabelle Duggan

Senior, Transactions Diligence, Sydney

I didn’t want to be placed in a box as either a ‘lawyer’ or an ‘accountant’ – I studied both. EY stood out to me as a dynamic organization that would provide opportunities across the board. Three years on, it continues to surprise me.

Sonia Ooi EY

Sonia Ooi

Manager, Lead Advisory, Kuala Lumpur

I wanted to join a Big 4 firm immediately after graduating from college but it took longer than I thought. My first job was with a mid-tier accounting firm, then I moved into a small investment company before joining EY. Looking back, I’m actually glad that happened because those experiences were invaluable and I’m proof you don’t have to join a Big 4 firm fresh out of school to be successful at EY.

Kristen Connelly EY

Kristen Connelly

Senior Manager, Divestiture Advisory Services, Miami

I knew I wanted to work with smart, driven and successful people. I deliberately set out to work for a Big 4 organization. I started in Audit at EY, but after five years I knew it wasn’t my passion. Thanks to the terrific counsellor and mentor I had at the time, I was introduced to an opportunity that better matched my interests in Strategy and Transactions (Strategy and Transactions).

 Jessica Lönnqvist EY

Jessica Lönnqvist

Manager, Transactions Diligence, Helsinki

All I wanted to do was to get under the skin of corporates. It wasn’t about a fancy job title or prestige. While completing my Masters in Finance, I discovered that I really enjoyed working out what made corporates successful, by exploring their financials and understanding the industry specific drivers behind their financial development. I wanted to work in an interesting and dynamic role at a global company in my field of studies. Working in transactions with financial due diligence at EY allows me to do just this.