Flexibility & Wellbeing


During COVID-19 we're supporting 95% of our staff as they safely work from home whilst also keeping our offices open for those who can't or choose not to work from home.

We understand that your personal and family commitments are important to you, that’s why we’ve created Deloitte Flex. It provides our people with 9 different flexible ways in which they can create a personalised living and working arrangement, that’s 100% right for them.

We don’t want our people to feel they have to compromise the moments that truly matter in life. If you enjoy taking part in gym classes before work, want to take time out to embark on a sabbatical, would prefer to work from home or perhaps need to adjust your hours to make the school pick up, we want you to know that here at Deloitte, you can!

Discover more about Deloitte Flex here.