Diversity at CSL

CSL Behring

At CSL, we are driven by our promise to stakeholders, including our employees.

CSL is committed to building a workplace where employees can have promising futures by fulfilling their career aspirations, realizing their potential and being part of a purpose-driven company with a Values-based culture. 

Diversity and inclusion are critical to our Values of patient focus, superior performance, innovation, integrity and collaboration. 

As a company, we rely on our people’s diverse perspectives, ideas, capabilities and experiences to help us deliver on our promise to our patients, our business and our shareholders. 

The following principles reflect our commitment to a culture of diversity:

  • CSL views diversity through a broad array of differences in people. This includes attributes of gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, generation/age, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, professional and educational background as well as global and cultural experiences.
  • Diversity and inclusion are crucial to strong business growth and performance, helping CSL to:
    • better understand and connect with our patients and other stakeholders;
    • attract, develop, retain and engage talent for our long-term success;
    • foster creativity and innovation; and
    • improve the quality of the decisions that we make.
  • Company leaders create and model an inclusive workplace environment where all employees are respected, valued and able to freely share their perspectives, experiences and ideas.
  • All employees are responsible for contributing to a culture where individual differences are understood, respected and valued.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends across all areas of our business, from talent recruitment to talent development, from performance management to remuneration, and from supporting employees in balancing work and personal commitments to career planning.