Whether it be as a result of the health and economic impacts of Covid19 and the subsequent decisions of governments locally and around the world, or whether it is closer to home as the result of business changes or decisions within you own company, you may find yourself needed to support employees who’s positions are either transitioning, being made redundant, or being stood down for an indefinite period.

Whilst traditional responses such as retrenchment remain in play, the unique circumstances of this crisis have prompted some organisations to consider less conventional approaches, such as ‘standing down’ or putting their team in ‘hibernation’ temporarily.

CareerSwitch is not a traditional career transition organisation. It has been created over the last twelve months to respond to a different future of work, and is uniquely equipped to support your organisation and your people whatever transition measures are ultimately required.

Career Transition Support

CareerSwitch offers a full service, high quality package of traditional career transition services for your organisation and people. These include one-on-one coaching by highly experienced and accredited coaches, delivered remotely or in person, and a range of client specific workshops for individuals and/or cohorts delivered through your own branded, online site.

We empathise that there are multiple levels to tailor for; at the individual, team and business unit level, and will work with you to provide the most relevant and appropriate mix of support for each individual.

What’s also unique about CareerSwitch is that is designed and built to allow all contact to be on-line if that is the preference.

CareerSwitch provides a branded portal available 24/7, housing a range of tools and opportunities through which individuals can create their own path. This can be updated with any changes from your side and is also updated weekly by the CareerSwitch team, to keep all materials fresh and relevant. From an organisational perspective, there is aggregated usage and feedback data available weekly.

Whilst there are a range of core resources and tools included on the portal covering key career and personal development topics, there is also an opportunity for you to tailor the portal content to suit the specific circumstances of your business and people. This wider content menu includes options such as webinars, videos, written resources, interviews and curated links to casual and temporary job opportunities.

Hibernation Solution

In the current context, we appreciate the complexity of holding hibernating teams and ensuring they remain supported, committed, and connected during uncertain times. We add to the bandwidth of the internal team, to offer a sense of support and on-going connection which helps to ensure that personnel temporarily hibernating will be in a position to quickly and effectively re-engage with you as soon as required.

Our support for people and teams within this context focuses on key elements such as:

  1. Specific company news and updates

    A central repository for all your updates and changes and specific agreements or legalities that have been presented and discussed but may not be sought post the communication moment. A one-stop-shop, so employees know where to look.

  2. The current context

    Clarity that is not personal, by being clear on the unique nature of the current circumstances, wellbeing through this time, grief and selfcare, and personal and professional resilience, plus access to up to date government information.

  3. Work support to find casual work or connection to roles that other employers want to share with your team

  4. Connection to government benefits for the interim period

  5. Links to your current EAP or other support organisations for employees in distress

  6. A curated selection of the appropriate components of our normal portal, to support people

  7. When the time is right, support for your employees returning to work. Given this could be after an extended period time, there may be sensitivities around employees’ state-of-mind and transitioning back to normal working life. We’ll work with you to support employees through the return transition in the best possible way.

In addition to these core areas of support, at client request, further elements are recommended and can be added. These include:

  • Leader support
  • Leader of Leaders support
  • Support for your People & Culture (HR) Teams
  • Individual coaching

Both CareerSwitch solutions provide a secure branded portal available 24/7, housing a range of tools and opportunities through which individuals can create their own path.

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