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As any mum would agree, there's a certain degree of 'mummy guilt' when you go back to work. However, because Canstar offers such a great, flexible work environment I feel content that I'm giving my young family enough of my time so that when I do come to work I can provide 100% focus to my role and my clients.

Jacqui Williams, View Account Manager

Our values

Our Employee Value Proposition consists of four key pillars that drive everything we do.

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Life at Canstar

We were established over 25 years ago as a privately owned financial research agency and we now see 1 in 6 Australians visit our site each year, with 2 in 3 people recognising the Canstar logo.

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Our recruitment process

​When we’re looking to add a new member to our team, we’re not only looking for candidates with outstanding technical skills, we’re also looking for a team fit – someone who is passionate about what we do here at Canstar and is ready to make a difference.

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Join our team

​Canstar is always looking for talented people from all academic backgrounds to work in our various teams.

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