Our approach to flexible working


Our approach to Flexible working

We offer a range of flexible work options and services to meet the needs of our people and business. A flexible working arrangement is an ongoing formal arrangement around how you work, such as working non-standard hours, working a compressed week, working regularly from a different location, working part time, or job sharing. It isn't about asking for time to go to an appointment, or to work at home because you need to meet a tradesperson.

Flexible Working Principles

  • Improving customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Requests for flexible work arrangements must not compromise customer service and should continue to meet the needs of the business. However, all requests for flexible working arrangements will be given genuine consideration in-line with these principles.
  • Performance is defined by outcomes and behaviour. A colleague's effectiveness is determined by what and how they deliver.
  • Flexible working arrangements may be trialled but may not be appropriate for all roles. Flexible work requests may be subject to a trial period to assess feasibility. Flexible work practices might not be appropriate for all positions within the business.
  • There is no 'one' solution. There are a range of flexible work options that can be considered – it's not just about part-time work and job-sharing. The most appropriate solution will meet both business and individual needs.
  • Colleague-leader communication is critical. Open communication between leaders and colleagues is a critical aspect in evaluating and reviewing flexible work arrangements and a shared responsibility for the outcome becoming successful.
  • Flexibility requests can be reason neutral. Everyone deserves to have their flexibility request listened to and considered.

The Benefits

For colleagues:

  • A better work/life balance - being able to meet both work and personal commitments
  • Reduced travelling time and cost
  • Increased sense of control leading to increased sense of well-being
  • Greater job satisfaction - a happier person all round
  • Being able to remain in the workforce longer
  • Greater loyalty, trust and respect towards leaders

For Bankwest:

  • Attracting and retaining skilled and motivated colleagues
  • Increased colleague engagement
  • Reduced absences
  • Increased skills and creativity of leaders
    Improved customer service and retention by being able to work flexibly with them
  • Maintaining Employer of Choice status
  • Increased team productivity