Inclusion and Diversity


To successfully fulfil APRA’s mission, we recognise that every employee needs to be able to reach their true potential.

That's why encouraging inclusion and embracing diversity are integral to all aspects of our work. We aspire to fully harness the skills, experiences, ingenuity and wisdom of our employees, whatever their background or personal circumstances.

We believe our focus on inclusion and diversity will deliver benefits for employees, teams and for the entire organisation.

APRA's Inclusion and Diversity Council (IDC) monitors our progress meeting key benchmarks, and champions the need for further strides where necessary. Under the IDC, APRA has an active program of opportunities and events to increase awareness and understanding across various Inclusion and Diversity streams including:

  • Gender
  • Generational (Gen X Plus and Gen Y & Z)
  • Multicultural
  • Accessibility
  • Indigenous

APRA is a member of:

  • Diversity Council Australia
  • Pride in Diversity