Todd Battley

Chief Executive, Australia & New Zealand


In recent years, we’ve made good progress towards creating a more progressive, open and inclusive workplace. In many ways, we’ve led and influenced our industry to firstly start a conversation about Inclusion & Diversity, and then affect positive workplace change that has been embraced by our clients too.

That’s why it’s so important that, as industry leaders, we maintain that momentum. There is still a lot to do.

Rather than being a standalone focus, we have now brought Inclusion & Diversity into our core culture. It’s important to me because I want to lead a business that delivers excellence for our clients and it can only do that if it is representative of the communities we are here to support.

There is no doubt that we are at our best when we have teams comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, skill sets and thinking.

I have been delighted to see the strong uptake of our improved flexible work opportunities across the business with many more men taking advantage of our paid parental leave in 2018 than ever before. We are also seeing many of our employees purchasing up to 4 weeks additional annual leave and enjoying the benefits of regular FlexDays. Our approach to flexibility is simple – if it works for you, your team and your clients, it works for AECOM.

As part of my role as one of Consult Australia's Male Champions of Change, we share our gender diversity progress as we strive to lift AECOM Australia’s female participation rate from 35% to 40 % by 2022.

We’re committing to bold targets not only because we see the business value in doing so; we’re committing to them because it’s the right thing to do.

Please join us as we continue creating the workplace of the future.