Kesh Preeyadarshanan

Civil Engineer


I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and, given that I was enjoying studying maths and science in high school, I looked into engineering. I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons, Civil & Environmental) and a Bachelor of Science (Geographical).

Engineering is a diverse and wide-ranging degree, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Variety is the spice of life!

During my work day, I use design software to create my designs, and I chat with colleagues from other disciplines to get their input into those project designs. Sometimes, I’ll even be out on site witnessing proof rolls! Working in infrastructure is challenging and interesting work that ultimately benefits people in the local community and across the country.

AECOM at its core is about the people, and I enjoy coming in to work and having chats with people from a variety of backgrounds and career levels, about both work and life! There are so many people to learn from in the business. I love working in a team, so learning about other disciplines and how your design can interact and change with them is what I enjoy most. If you love team work and diverse projects, then you’d enjoy working here.

I’ve found the graduate and early professional culture at AECOM to be very welcoming and supportive. The Connect Committee puts on events for socialising, networking and helping us advance our careers. I get a kick out of events such as Corporate Games (doing 10-pin bowling, basketball and dragon boating with my AECOM colleagues) and the 10,000 steps a day challenge. I’ve made incredible friendships at AECOM, not just within my discipline of engineering, but with people from many different fields.

AECOM not only encourages, but also helps to facilitate volunteering opportunities by providing every employee with volunteer leave. This year, I used mine to help run ‘Power of Engineering’ workshops to encourage school-aged girls to consider pursuing a career in STEM subjects.

Through Connect, our early professional committee in the Brisbane office, I helped to bundle new socks, underwear and toiletries for homeless young people in Brisbane. Connect had held a drive in our office where AECOM employees donated these essential items. We then took the donated items to the Property Industry Foundation and Anglicare, who provide them to families in our local community who need them most.

This year, I’m working towards becoming chartered with Engineers Australia, and I hope to spend some time in a different Civil Infrastructure team to broaden my knowledge and learn about and appreciate different aspects of engineering.