Debra Close

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I help people (often mums) change careers, transition back to work or position themselves for promotion. My clients find clarity, confidence & direction for their next career move. 

Working together, I will help you:

  • Rediscover the best of who you are & what you can offer
  • Develop your “personal brand" & promote yourself confidently & authentically in writing and in person
  • Design a killer job search plan, & teach you how to network without the “yuk-factor”
  • Prepare confidently for interviews & stand out from the crowd!

    I have the highest-level Coaching qualification in Australia - Masters in Coaching Psychology. All frameworks & tools are proven to be effective in scientific studies. I'm a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). My coaching is informed by a longstanding corporate career, leading & coaching teams across a range of industries.

    I'm super-passionate about this work as a career changer myself, a mum who juggles career & family, & a belief that you can craft a work life that you want AND love. Read the testimonial below or find out more here

    “The Express Career Coaching program was very thought provoking and explored aspects of my goals and strengths that I would never have been able to identify on my own. The career action plan has given me practical steps to work towards. This has made me feel much more empowered to ask for what I want not only in my current role but also what to watch out for in future job searches. Rather than feeling daunted when looking at job adverts and thinking "why would they want me" I'm approaching it with "is this in line with my goals and a place that would suit me". I would highly recommend working with Debra!” Kate M. 


University of Sydney , Masters, Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney , Coaching Psychology
Leaderhip Effectiveness Analysis
Strengths Profile
Mental Toughness MTQ48, MTQ+
Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey
Gallup Strengths


Career Coaching, Career Transition, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching, Personal Branding/Social, Work Life Balance, and Return to Work

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