Parental Leave


Deloitte values that its people are more than just working professionals and that lifetime milestones such as starting a family are events which should be celebrated, not compromised. That’s why we have strengthened our family-friendly practices to positively impact Deloitte employees wishing to take time out of work to raise a family.

We want to improve and lead the way on gender equality and make a real difference to the wellbeing and careers of our working parents. Because we believe that you truly can have your two dream jobs! Our inclusive policy includes:

  • 18 weeks paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers
  • More flexibility in how this leave can be taken – we enable access to paid parental leave in a flexible way for up to 12 months (e.g. take two days paid parental leave a week and remain client-facing three days a week for 45 weeks)
  • Everyone has access to external coaching to help with their transition back into the workplace
  • Our parental leave policy is inclusive and covers same sex, foster, surrogacy and adoptive families and supports families experiencing stillbirth

We're excited to announce that once again we have received the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for 2018-19.

Read more about our Parental Leave here.