Nicole - Building a career that just keeps getting better


"What matters to me?

Renovating my shack. Relaxing with my hubby. Building a career that just keeps getting better.

Not a lot of people know that Nicole once worked for Richard Branson. Since then, Nicole has taken a leaf out of his non-stop book, and worked hard to build a successful leadership career at Allianz.

Now she’s also busy renovating her dream house. So after all the paint, sweat and tears are over, she, her husband and dog Hugo will be able to relax in style.

Nicole has found adding onto her skillset a bit easier than knocking out a wall, thanks to all the opportunities available at Allianz. Nicole tells us more about her progression:

“What I love about Allianz is working with lots of clever people. I also appreciate the autonomy and the many career development opportunities. I’ve completed leadership programs, business simulations and participated in the Allianz sponsorship program.”

“Having a boss who trusts my decisions and values my opinions is so important to me, and makes my job very fulfilling.”