Kim - Working together with an excellent team


"What matters to me?

Feasting with my family. Perfecting my ski turns. Working together with an excellent team.

You may have seen Kim’s smiling face on a nationally syndicated Vietnamese travel program. Or at a modern jive dancing competition with her husband. Or perhaps sweeping down the ski slopes. One thing’s for sure, Kim never sits still and she brings this verve to her role as CTP Product Manager at Allianz.

Kim’s life is filled with a lively mix of family, food and adventure. She also relishes the interesting mix of people and challenges she finds at Allianz. Kim tells us more about it:

“What I enjoy at Allianz is the people we get to work with. All experts in their area, all different, all with something to contribute, working together to make things happen. Getting to work in a team that’s complementary and caring, and can have a few laughs together, makes my job enjoyable.”

“It’s clear career development is a priority at Allianz. Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their career – supported by comprehensive training programs. I love the constant challenge of not resting on your laurels and always striving to be better.”