Sarah - Flexibility to work from home


"What matters to me?

Watching our son grow up. Thursday night basketball. The flexibility to work from home.

Sarah started her career selling cars at 17 years old. She’s come a long way since then, now looking after Allianz customers as a Customer Service Specialist. Sarah’s busy life includes juggling work and family, being there for her husband and son, and still finding the time to play basketball – that’s a tall order!

Having a flexible work arrangement with Allianz has allowed Sarah to work from home, and make the juggling a bit easier. Here’s what Sarah has to say about it:

“What I care about most is that my son grows up to be a loving, happy, independent kind man, and that I am there to see that.”

“The amazing support I have received working from home is one of the best parts of my job at Allianz. Working for a company that helps me grow both professionally and personally, and also presents challenges that stretch my capabilities is really important to me.”